Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Recycle Monsters

The Juniors made monsters out of recycled

We used plastic containers, boxes,lids,cans,tops and tins.
We had lots of fun.

Our monsters all looked different.

Written by Room 1 Juniors

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Edible Garden

As well as making a worm farm we also planted vegetable, flower and herb plants in tubs.
Initially we decided against planting an outside garden because we were worried it would be damaged.
Michelle and Sally taught us how to plant our veggies and flowers.
We put a mixture of compost and soil in our pots and mixed them together like making a chocolate cake.

Then we put in our plants. We planted rainbow silver beet, pansies, thyme, rosemary, lettuce, strawberries and some seeds.
We put our tubs in a sunny spot that will also get the sun.

We are really excited about our plants growing. We are also going the use our worm fertilizer to feed the plants.
We have even dug up an old flower garden and planted it out with sweet peas, sunflowers, lettuce, strawberries, and some cool looking broccoli.

In groups we planted potatoes in a bucket and in the last week of Term 4 we are going to see who has the heaviest potatoes. We are really excited about this.
Who knew growing a garden was so much fun!

We would like to thank the Farmers Market Trust for their help and for donating the plants and tubs to grow our garden.

Written by Room 2

Our Worm Farm

Last week we had a visit from Michelle who works with the Farmers Market Trust, and Sally.
They came to help us with our worm farm and making an Edible Garden.
We split into two groups, one worked on the worm farm, the other on the edible garden.
Making the worm farm was quite simple.

First we torn some old newspaper into strips.
Then we added some water to make the newspaper moist.
Next came some compost. This helps feed the hungry worms. We also smoothed the compost out and made a hole in the paper/compost mix like you do when making scones.
This is a nest for the worms

Then we put in the worms. They felt tickly and yuck on our hands. The worms didn't like the light and tried to hide.
We put them in their nest and covered them over.
We put the lid on the worm farm and put it in the hallway where it is cool.

We are feeding the worms with our food scraps. They love the apple cores and banana skins, and even a little bit of egg shell, bread and paper.
They don't like citrus fruit like oranges.
We are going to use the fertiliser they make for our vegetable garden.

Written by Room 1 Juniors

Super Enviroboy

Everyone knows that Super heroes save the world and the people that live on it and they have powers.
We decided that the Earth needed a Super Hero now to help spread the environment message so we created Super Enviroboy.
His job is to help other children learn about how we can all save the environment by making even the smallest of changes.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fruit and Vegetables

We have been learning about eating fruit and vegetables.
We played a game where we had to sort the pictures into fruit or vegetables.
Most of them were okay but we got stuck on tomatoes.

We also found out about serving sizes and learnt that a serving is the size of our palm.
We learnt that you need at least 2 servings of fruit and 3 of vegetables each day to be healthy.
And you need to eat your colours too.

Room 1 Juniors

Our Rubbish

On Friday Mrs Wilson tipped out our rubbish bin and we were surprised by the amount of rubbish we had, and the smell was something else - yuck!
Some of us had to go out for fresh air because we felt sick.
We found old sandwiches, apple cores, banana skins, plastic wrappers, chip packets, half eaten pies, yoghurt pottles and paper.
Because we are just a small school we didn't have alot of rubbish but we think we can reduce the amount of it by half.
We are going to look at ways of recycling the food waste and reducing the amount of paper waste from the hand towels. We already put our old cardboard and plastic milk bottles out on Wednesday with the blue recycle bin.
We are investigating the use of composting, worm farms or recycling through Envirowaste.

Healthy Eating

We have been learning about the Food Pyramid and healthy eating. We found that by eating healthy foods like fruit and vegetables we can have healthy bodies and be healthy people.
Eating fruit and vegetables is good for our planet too because you don't need packaging like plastics and the skins and rubbish can be recycled by composting which makes new food for the plants.